Top 5 Home Exercise Equipments That Are On Every Exerciser’s Wish List

Home Exercise Equipments

With the combination of a healthy diet, exercising is a very good way to remain healthy. These days, gyms have been the common rescue places for people who wish to be fit and healthy. But if you wish to save the time and want to escape the fixed schedule of going to these gyms, then you can buy your own equipments to do exercises at home only.

Home Exercise Equipments

Here are the top 5 home exercise equipments that you can buy to be fit and healthy

DUMB BELLS to Bid Farewell to Physical Dumbness!

If you are doing cardio for weight loss, then include dumbbells too to aid in your fat loss regime. Use dumbbells for resistance and strength training. You can buy variety of dumbbells based on your requirement like according to your weight etc. Also, if you wish to have adjustable dumbbells then adjust them according to the weight you require. While buying dumbbells for your physical exercise, make sure to look for adjustable type of dumbbells which have a good grip.

STABILITY/ BALANCING/ PHYSIO BALL – Now the Ball Will Be in Your Own Court!

It is a large poly vinyl ball that has a diameter of about 18 to 28 inches. You can use it for various purposes according to your requirements. You can use it for balancing, and for your abs exercises and stretching exercises etc. While buying this ball, you can look for burst resistant ball and also the variety according to your body weight.

HEART RATE MONITOR – For Tracking Those Thumps of Your Pumps!

If you are doing cardio to burn your fat, then you need to keep a track of your heart rate and heart rate monitor is the best equipment you can have. This equipment lets you keep a track of your heart rate and thus is very useful for people who are doing cardio types of physical exercises. It has two components i.e. chest strap and a wrist watch type display for displaying of your heart rate.

RESISTANCE BANDS – Work Like Magic Health Wands!

Resistance bands look like rubber bands that come with a variety of resistance types. It is a good alternative for the hand weights for resistance and strength training. Before buying a resistance band, make sure to look for the quality of rubber latex, sturdy cuffs and handles. Also make sure to buy the one which is a suitable resistance for your body.

STEP BENCH – Step Ahead and Get One!

It is fun equipment. It looks like a flat bench or a step tool which is mostly used for your aerobic exercises. You will get your heart pumping by this equipment. It helps in doing aerobics. Before you buy this product, make sure to look for strength, slip proof material and width of the bench to do aerobics effectively.

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