Top 5 Used Cars To Buy Under 2 Lakhs

Buying used cars does not entail a specific budget- you can get used cars under Rs 1 lakhs and even above Rs 20 lakhs. However, most people prefer to buy them within the budget range of Rs 2 to Rs 3 lakhs. Buyers usually spend the money from their personal savings which is why they limit their budget to this amount. Experts too recommend you not to buy car under finance because you would have to pay higher interest on your purchase.

Used Cars in Chandigarh

Even though there are many models available under Rs 2 lakhs, you need to be careful about the used cars in Chandigarh models that you choose to buy. Do not opt for cars which are more than 5 years old or have been driven over 30,000kms or so otherwise you risk the car being damaged inside. Buying a damaged car would entail you to spend money from time to time for its wellness. When you buy a used car, you may have to spend some money getting the air filters, engine oil and Mobil oil changed or refilling the coolant. Also, the transfer of ownership title shall set you back by Rs 10,000 to Rs 15,000 or so, depending on the RTO where the car is registered. You should factor in those costs before setting out to find the best used car. For instance, if you want all the repair works and procedures completed within Rs 2 lakhs, then it would be best to find vehicle which cost around Rs 1.65 to Rs 1.7 lakhs.

Before going to visit the showrooms to check the used cars in Chandigarh out, you should look up online to see what the options available in your city are.

The top 5 models for used cars in Chandigarh which are available in less than Rs 2 lakhs have been discussed below:

1. Maruti Alto
The Maruti Alto replaced the Maruti 800 in the early 2000s to become the most popular car in the Indian market. The 796 cc car has been changed in terms of the engine make and design too, with the introduction of the Maruti Alto 800. The car has a 5 speed manual transmission gear box and performs smoothly on city roads. The car looks compact and can seat 5 people. It is quite fuel efficient, offering 18kmpl mileage, as rated by ARAI.

The cost of the Maruti Alto is around Rs 1.7 lakhs for a vehicle which is around 4-5 years old and has been driven less than 25,000 kms. You can also go for the Alto K10 which has been fitted with the 996cc displacement engine which would be slightly expensive but comfortably under Rs 2 lakhs.

2. Hyundai Santro Xing
The Hyundai Santro Xing has been made available in the Indian market for more than 10 years and its popularity is rock steady. The square shape of the car makes it comfortable for 5 people to sit inside comfortably. Also the head space offered is enough for a person of average height. The 1086cc engine is quite powerful and it offers good performance on road. The Santro Xing has been enabled with power steering and central locking which makes it easy for the driver to control the car.

You can find petrol operated Santro Xing models within Rs 1.7 lakhs to Rs 1.8 lakhs that are 5 years old and have covered anything between 25,000kms and 33,000kms. Do not opt for Santro Xing cars which have been driven over 35,000kms as the car belongs to the affordable hatchback category which indicates its engine is not as good as other vehicles.

3. Maruti Wagon R
The tall boy design of the Wagon R has gone down well with the Indian car buying market and people still show interest in purchasing the car, even after 10 years of its launch. The model recently hit the 5 million sales mark. The vehicle is available in petrol, CNG, LPG and Duo mode. Soon, it will be made available with a diesel engine. It has a 996cc engine which is quite powerful for the Indian roads. Five average sized people can sit comfortably within, especially for the head space offered. The vehicle is enabled with power steering facilities and is a delight to be driven around.

The Wagon R cars which are available in this price range are usually 6 years or so old and have been driven for more than 30,000kms. However, the model is renowned for offering good performance to its patrons and hence you can buy it for the asking price.

4. Maruti Zen Estilo
The Zen Estilo may not have taken off in the way imagined by Maruti nevertheless it is a good model to try out. The Zen Estilo takes off from where Maruti Zen left off and the design has been modified considerably to suit the wants of Indian car buyers. It is a comfortable 5 seater car with 5 speed manual transmission. The car performs well on road, offering a maximum power of 68 PS available at 6500rpm and torque of 90Nm at 3500 rpm.
The model has been discontinued by the company although you can still get it in the second hand market, under Rs 1.8 lakhs.

5. Hyundai i10
The i10 is one of the fore running models offered by Hyundai. A new model has been spun off based on its popularity, the Grand i10 which looks more compact and stylish. The Hyundai i10 has the 1.2L Kappa engine fitted into it which makes it a good performer on roads. With features such as central locking, power steering and power windows, you feel comfortable in the car when you are driving it. The Hyundai i10 available in the used car market is usually 6 years or so old and you would have to spend around Rs 1.8 lakhs to buy it.

The vehicle is a good quality one and is one of the most popular ones from the house of Hyundai currently. You will be making a good deal by getting this model.

You can find out the true price of such cars by looking up online classifieds websites.

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