Top 6 Flooring Mistakes You Must Avoid

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Getting your home flooring done right isn’t a piece of cake for sure. This is a journey that starts from getting rid of old century outdated flooring to incorporating the right kind of hardwood for new flooring. While doing that, many people make almost the same mistakes.

And if you love (DIY) Do It Yourself, you are prone to make more mistakes while making the decision. Keeping that in mind, kitchen design experts have highlighted a few mistakes that people make and you might too as well. So let’s dive in;

Not Giving a Good Time for Installation

Different floor plans take a different amount of time to complete the installation. But most people don’t realize it and end up trying to force labors to get done with this as soon as possible. Normally, it takes around 4-5 days, but mostly a few more days are required for some additional work before the furniture moves in. Most importantly, during that time there must not be any foot traffic moving through it at all.

Going Too Trendy                  

Swank and style are not ideal all the time. For sure, it’s good to keep up with latest trends, patterns and colors but when it comes to flooring, it’s essential that you keep things traditional. Since the flooring impacts entire look of your house, so you need to go for something that’s durable enough to last for many years and ever-green enough to not date quickly. If you are more inclined towards wooden, just go for darker, wooden and sort for subtle green. It would work amazing depending on your home decor.

Doing One-in-all

When you stick to one pattern, you start making things difficult for yourself. It gets really difficult to make the right decision when it comes to interior decor collectively. But when you happen to struggle between 2 or more types of flooring patterns, it’s advisable that you should go for combining a couple of them. When you combine two or more flooring patterns, you are most likely to end up with a unique yet exquisite variety.

Using Exclusive and Latest Material

Even though you are up for the floor renovation, that doesn’t mean it’s imperative to go for new materials. If you are quite admired with the rustic and warm look that’s amazing, go for the reclaimed timber as it’s gaining in popularity. And if you can source quality second-hand wood, then just go for it. For romantic couples, this it’s an ideal choice to get along with. In fact, the worn look kind of suits a rustic style home and also makes it more inviting.

Not Using Contrasts

Even if you have bright or light colored walls, you can still go for the dark flooring. How do you choose which darker tone would be suitable? Simply by thinking about the emotional reaction and especially impact it would have on overall ambiance of your room. Here’s the Key! Go Bold and Choose Contrasts. The dark wooden flooring blended with the rose pink walls looks amazingly sensational and most importantly, it creates a statement of elegance about the homeowner.

Hiring Cheapest Contractor

Now that’s where you are completely unfair to yourself. In such situations, you are mostly ready to buy the expensive items you will require for installation, but you are not willing to pay a reasonable amount to the contractor. And you where the contractor might try to trick you. He might take responsibility for “buying items for you from the “right” place” so that he can easily take his commission as well. In the end, you are getting the least quality items with the least quality labor.

Even if you are good at keeping up with the latest home and kitchen design trends, you never know where you get ripped off since you’ve hired the cheap contractor. So just beware.


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