Top 8 House Improvements that Can Help Boost Your Property Value

Are you planning to sell your residential property yourself? Our team compiled these observations to help you get the most value out of your residential or commercial property.

Top 8 House Improvements

1. Natural & Artificial Lighting
Lighting plays a vital role when creating an impression for your home. Lighting can set a mood and illuminate certain spaces to make activities possible, such as reading books, cooking and even sleeping.
a. Natural Lighting – Make sure you have “controllable” options to allow, dim or completely block natural light.
b. Artificial Lighting – Double check if all lighting sources are enough to fully illuminate all the spaces in your home.

2. Outdoor Features
The outdoor features of your home create the first impression to your buyers on what your home is like on the inside.
a. Landscaping – Did you know that proper landscaping increases your property value? A study from Michigan University found that residential owners get more than a 100% return on every dollar they spend on landscaping.
b. Garage Doors – Check if your garage door is fully functional and is presentable.

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3. Fresh Paint or Wallpaper
Nothing makes your home fresher than a clean paint or wallpaper. Also consider to research color theories and the application of Feng Shui to impress your buyers.

4. Natural or Energy Efficient Thermal Insulation
According to home inspectors, a good thermal insulation is an attractive feature of a house when you’re selling your property. A proper thermal insulation saves more than 20% of energy costs. Make sure to seal wall cracks, replace or fix broken doors and windows, and use effective materials that helps maintain the temperature of your home.

5. Utilise Your Stock Room / Basement
Do you have a storage room or a basement? If you do, make sure to get your creativity on and remodel your basement or stock room to a recreational room, an additional bedroom or even a bar!

6. Additional Bathrooms
Additional bathrooms may seem like a worthless add-on to your home, but you are wrong. It is very important to have more than one bathroom in your house. Either for your children or for your guests, an additional bathroom increases your home’s value by more than 10%.

7. Security Systems
Always remember that a home’s purpose is to give people comfort and security. An existing security system helps generate more interest to potential buyers as it help eliminate any security threats in your neighborhood.

8. Remodel Your Kitchen
The kitchen is the heart of every home, but it doesn’t mean your remodeling costs and your equipment must be expensive.
Considering the following factors that help make a kitchen become a paradise to your buyers:
a. Fix or upgrade your cabinets.
b. Ensure proper ventilation & lighting.
c. Fix or upgrade your sink and faucets.
d. Fix or upgrade your countertop.

Every home has its own feature, design & uniqueness, but the best-selling value a home can have is how much love and happiness its owners have had throughout their stay.

Mahesh Mehta is Chief Editor at 5 Random Things. He is known for his creative online marketing skills and specializes in handling web marketing efforts and boosting online conversion.