Understanding EPC Project Companies in India

All about EPC Industry

With a wide knowledge – base and extensive experience in the field of turnkey projects execution; the leading EPC construction companies have been offering innovative solutions to execution and delivery of projects for highly complicated work all over the world and in almost all sectors of the industrial economy. The EPC companies have the capability of handling large-scale projects, which are complicated in nature.

At the same time, the companies manage diverse interfaces with varied technologies. The services offered to the clients are collaborative and unique end-to-end projects delivery. Some of the best EPC companies of India offer their services beyond the geographical boundaries of the country and are thus multinational players.

Understanding EPC Project Companies in India

How Does the EPC Methodology Work?

In this type of construction system, the EPC engineering companies are responsible for the entire chain of activities starting from the designing phase to the completion of the project and delivery thereof within the stipulated time to the end-user. The primary industries looking for such EPC contractors for their capital-intensive projects are the energy, mining, and infrastructure industries.

The EPC Company is so chosen that can provide a comprehensive services package, acting as the client’s management consultant for the project. The entire coordination, planning, and execution is pre-planned after long discussions between the end – user and the EPC firm.

The contractor then goes on to design in details the entire project, procures each and every resource required for the construction and then handles the basic construction job. It ensures that the construction is finished within time and has been just as the specifications agreed upon.

Best EPC Contractors in India

Some of the leading companies catering to the EPC industries in India are experts in carrying out the detailed designing of the project to be undertaken. For this they make use of the various software. Then they proceed to procure every single bit of item and manpower required for the construction, and finally go on to do the actual construction of the facility, so as to deliver an asset to the clients at the end of the specified time designated for delivery.

The time and the budget set by the customer for the project execution are known as the Lump Sum Turk Key Contract (LSTK). The clients have a very definite presence in the office of the contractors at the entire processing phase of the facility. This Project Management Team, as it is most often called, oversees and supervises the work of the EPC company.

If the need arises, the client may also call for the services of experts in certain fields to supervise that everything is being done as per stipulations.These experts are termed as Project management Consultants.

At the foremost EPC companies in India, the Engineering, Procurement and Construction are being done for large projects with extreme finesse and to the customer’s best satisfaction. This has made the firms into some of the leading EPC service providers in the world, with large client bases.

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