Will Tata Motors introduce an electric Tata Nano variant?

Tata Nano – Electric

Tata Group chairman Ratan Tata has reportedly said he has set higher goals for the Nano car which is all set to be available in more variants, which includes diesel and electric models. Tata Nano which currently has a 624 cc petrol engine is also going to be upgraded in terms of power, he has said. “We will definitely come out with various variants of the Nano. One day there will be a higher engine, a diesel engine and an electric vehicle variant (of the Nano will be introduced),” Tata told PTI at the Geneva Motor show. However, details on the expected date and timeline of the proposed car releases have not yet been disclosed by him.

Earlier this year, Tata had reportedly admitted that Tata Motors Ltd could probably have marketed the Nano in a different and more effective way and this time they would try to change the perception that the Nano is a layman’s car, with a starting price of Rs 1.40 lakh.

“We will see a resurrection of this product as we move forward,” he had said. Presently, Tata Motors is marking sales of about 9000 Nano units every month, which is much below the production capacity of this car.

an electric Tata Nano variant

As we have been hearing, Tata is totally bent on altering the image of the Nano as a cheap car. So in with an aim to portray the Nano as a smart car, Tata Motors is working on a supercharged variant of the Nano. According to reports, this new variant could be released during the festive season this year.

Tata Motors is also developing a partially electric Nano called the Nano ‘e-rev’. This electric model will help increase the Nano’s driving range as well as reduce the emissions from the Nano. It is learnt that this car is currently an ongoing R&D project. The Nano ‘e-rev’ is part of Tata Motors’ projects to develop products for the electric vehicle (EV) market in India and overseas.

Launched in 2009, people had set very high expectations from this tiny car, since it was projected as Ratan Tata’s dream project. However, as the novelty factor of the car started to disappear, Nano faced several road blocks and did not match up to Ratan Tata’s own expectations which led him to describe it as an “opportunity wasted”.

But, new models of the Nano in vibrant shades like rouge red, champagne gold, papaya orange, aqua blue and mojito green have recently been released targeting the youth and the initial response to this appears to be good.

To know the launching date and the price of it; keep in touch with IBB.

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