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In this age of rapid technological growth and emerging markets, companies are discovering the need to staff themselves with the “best and the brightest” talent available.Whether you’re a huge multinational corporation, or a smaller, regional company, staffing talented people is often a pretty daunting task.

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Recruiting “superheroes” is a pretty time-consuming and hectic process and is not something that your HR team can do alone. There are a lot of international and local recruitment agencies and recruiters in Dubai that provide excellent and pretty convenient HR solutions. This is the reason why so many companies in Dubai are turning to Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) to find qualified executive talent.

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RPO is basically a business outsourcing process where a company transfers all or a part of its recruitment activities to an external service provider, commonly recognized as a recruitment agency. Here are 6 very good reasons why recruitment agencies can find better candidates than your internal HR team:

1: They Have Broad Business and Social Networks

One reason why recruitment agencies are better than your internal HR team is the fact that they have broad business and social networks.

Large recruiting firms have recruiters who work in many different business “verticals.” Some specialize in petrochemical, some in IT, some in finance, etc. They’ve developed broad networks of contacts through personal contacts, referrals, and social media. This can prove to be really beneficial for your company’s HR as broad networks mean a broader talent pool.

2: Granular Detail

A good executive search firm will take great care in learning everything they can about the client’s business. They will be sensitive to the company’s business model, mission statement, and work environment and as finding the right talent is their primary job, they’ll even go the extra mile to help your company find the right candidate.

4: They Look Under Rocks To Find “Passive” Candidates

It is a belief in the recruitment business that many times the best candidates are not looking to change positions. They are “under the radar” and are invisible unless the search firm is good at what they do.

The recruitment agencies ask for recommendations, use their business connections and thoroughly scour the internet for outstanding candidates. They “sell” the client to the candidate by promoting the company’s brand and reputation.

5: Highly Efficient Candidate Vetting

Scrupulous candidate vetting takes time and is something that an in-house HR Department does not have.

The reason why teaming up with recruiters in Dubai is better than only depending on your internal HR team is that they go beyond the resume.  They speak with the references provided, do background verification and also go the extra mile to contact industry sources who may know the candidate – a good search firm knows that quality comes before quantity.

6: Cultural Fit

When it comes to recruitment, one of the most critical elements is the “cultural fit.” Each company, each industry and each country of the world has its own culture.

Similarly, Dubai also has its own culture and it is really important to find candidates who fit in well with the city’s culture and traditions.

This is where recruitment agencies come into play – they will make certain that the candidates they find will, in addition to being “Superheroes,” fit in well in their new environment.

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