Popular Attractions To Visit In London

Top 20 places in the London which one should visit

What makes London so popular that every year thousands of tourist visit London apart from going to New York and Paris? Being the ideal place for sightseeing, buzzing life, the city is full of magnificent architecture, picturesque landscapes and vibrant colours.  The town has something special for everyone that is true one can never be bored in this majestic city. From fine dining to classy lounge, amazing cafes to lavish shopping malls, the London city has everything. The best part is most of the major attractions of the city are free and can be visited on foot.

Here Love Wedding Car Hire has shared the top 20 places in the London which one should visit. But, before delving into the discussion, it’s worth knowing about the London transport system.

The city has an underground train system that known as “Tube”. It is fast and the quickest way to reach the destination in no time.

Buses: We all have heard about the London famous red buses. But, one should avoid taking a bus to reach the destination because buses will receive more minutes. But, one can prefer them for roaming around the city.

Taxis: Hiring taxi or cabs in London is not the right choice. You may end up paying dearly. Moreover, many unlicensed car rental companies offer you cheap rates, but as a tourist, you should avoid them.

The London Pass: With London pass, you visit most of the attractions free as they reduced the cost somewhere.

Now, let’s explore the major attractions of London

The Tower of London: Located near the River Thames the tower of London is the major attraction in central London. This tower has been used as a royal palace, prison, armoury and zoo. The tower of London also preserved some majestic gems and jewels guarded by the Beefeaters in red uniforms. In prime position, the tower of London lies the enormous White tower and a beautiful stone building, now home to the exhibition to Tudor, Hanoverian, Stuart and Windsor armour. The Tower of London holds a particular significance as it happened to be the home of the former residence of King Henry VIII. Also, it is strategically very close to St. Paul Cathedral – “Home of Prayer for all people of all Nations.”

Tower Bridge: Constructed with more than 11,000 tons of steel, the impressive architecture of Tower Bridge is globally recognised. Visit the Bridge and learn about the history of London and how it was constructed. The bridge opens it bascules two times a day. Buy the ticket and wander around the Tower Bridge exhibitions and enjoy the stunning views of the city.

Buckingham Palace: official resident of Queen Elizabeth, the palace opens its gate once a year for visitors.

Big Ben (Formerly termed as Elizabeth Tower): Situated near the banks of River Thames, this large bell’s chime is Londoner’s favourite icon.

Churchill’s War Museum: Here visitors can genuinely learn about the life of Sir Winston Churchill, from his childhood years to being the British Prime Minister in early age.

Kensington Palace: Located near the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea, it is the home of late Princess Diana. Enjoy roaming around the beautiful gardens and can be visited with the London Pass.

Kew Garden: The beautiful botanical garden is situated around 10 miles away from London that can easily be reached on the tube.

 Canary Wharf/ London Dockland: It is London’s tallest situated on the busy streets of the financial district.

Camden Market: One of the busiest market of London. You can roam the streets with buying funky clothes and grab something delicious.

London Eye: The majestic giant wheel offers to see you London from a different angle. One can get to see the breathtaking views of the city. To avoid long queues purchase the tickets online.

Madame Tussauds Museum: The famous wax museum of London, consists the wax statues of Bollywood and Hollywood celebs.

The National Gallery: The house of World’s numerous exhibitions of Western European art.

Westminster Abbey: A walk away from the Thames, this beautiful gothic church is UNESCO World Heritage Site. Many prominent Queens, Kings, poets, heroes and priests were buried at the Abbey. It’s the London most incredible building and has been the venue for many royal weddings including Prince William and Kate Middleton in 2011. On the exterior, there is a statue of Virgin Mary carrying baby Jesus surrounded with gardens.

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