Best use of your promotional merchandise

Today, many businesses rise from the ashes and there does not seem to be any obvious reason for it. They seem ordinary, average, and yet, they somehow manage to get better sales than you. What is their secret, you may ask yourself. Even though some people do not believe in the power of marketing, it is a fact and a proven thing that good marketing can make your sales burning in a very short period of time. Raising awareness about your brand and making your company visible is your next most important task – focus yourself and gather all your forces to get a wider audience and your sales rates will quickly rise. In the following few paragraphs we will explain why, how and where to reach your (potential) customers with promotional products.

Why use promotional merchandise?

The answer to the question why to use promotional merchandise is quite simple: People love free products. Besides this, there are numerous other reasons, such as: they demand pretty much little investment. And what is best about this is that investment pays off in greater numbers than you have ever dreamed of.

  • If you want your customers to come back, you need to increase your visibility and improve your image in the market. A recent study has shown that brands can become a good tool of taking advantage of the competition. This means that if you want to be remembered, you have to make yourself visible and attract customers. It is that easy.
  • And do not think that once you give out some promo products you are done with it. No, you need to continue exposure and have your name constantly in front of your customers’ eyes, and you need to remind them from time to time that they need your products.
  • And finally, this way you go for the emotion – people will remember you for sentimental reasons – they will immediately connect you with positive feelings they had when they were given your products.

What are the best promo products?

They say that whatever product you choose, you cannot go wrong. However, a recent research has shown that it actually matter what product you choose as promo gift. It lists the following products which made the best reaction in buyers: T-shirts and sweatshirts (basically, any piece of garment is instantly a paid off investment), backpacks, golf balls, pens, books, umbrellas, leather portfolio, desk calendars, wallets, gift cards, hats, watches, clocks, key chains, flash drives, tote bags, water bottles, and many other. And what is best about them is that the majority of them will not mean a great investment and they will not dry your budget out, but quite opposite – this investment will pay off in the long run.

How to give them out?

The question of how to give your promotional gifts out has a simple answer. Wherever you see people, you give them out. If your local community organises a fair or some other type of social gathering, do not hesitate and apply to be one of the sponsors and give yourself a chance to get exposed and reach your customers. You can set up Point of Sale stands and attract your customers by giving out free samples along with some promotional gift or some other kind of memorabilia they will remember you by. You can also go and ask them for feedback so that they actually tell you what they like (or dislike) about your product line. You can also ask to set up a post in your supermarket near the cash register and hope for the last minute decision to happen. As you can see, the sky is the limit, so wherever you see people, you will see potential customers you need to reach.

Where to set up your logo?

The answer to this question as well is fairly simple. The decision of setting up your logo or placing billboards is where you think your target audience will see it. This does not mean going into the country and setting them in every corner and later wondering why your product line is not reaching its audience. Before you set up a billboard, a logo, a big ad, you need to research where your customers live, where the odds are biggest that they will see it, and where your visibility will pay off most. So do your homework and make it really big – as we said, average does not pay off, you need to make people stand in awe and wish they had your product.

And finally, what we can conclude from the aforementioned is that you need to use promotional merchandise in your advantage as best as you can if you want your business to increase. Consider all the possible options and never stop trying because your investments that you make now will definitely pay off some day in the future. Just play it smart.

Mahesh Mehta is Chief Editor at 5 Random Things. He is known for his creative online marketing skills and specializes in handling web marketing efforts and boosting online conversion.