Best personalised merchandise

If you already have a product line but are not sure how to get to your audience, then the best strategy is to invest into some marketing that will pay off thrice or even four times on the long run. Since people really like free products, you can take this into your advantage and make your company visible. Create a line of memorable products that you will share and give out everywhere so that more and more people can hear about your business. In the following few paragraphs you will read about the best personalised merchandise you can use as promotional material for your business

Pens and pencils

Pens and pencils are at the core of personalised merchandise. There is no smart phone or tablet app that can compete with a simple personalised pencil with your logo on it. First of all, everybody needs them and especially when they have great design and are free. And secondly, and most importantly, who knows where they can end up – even if your customers lose them, this means that you will attract more and more customers to your shop.


The power of a personalised T-shirt is almost the same as the power of a pen. People like better free cotton T-shirts than any other personalised item, so this situation is a win-win. Not only will you make your company visible wherever your customer goes shopping or to a gym, but it will make you even more visible even if they give those T-shirts or jackets away.


Even though people tend to lose umbrellas more often than any other thing, umbrellas are great personalised merchandise you can use to promote your company. If you want everybody to want your branded umbrellas, make them quality products with unique design and leave your company logo and website link on it, sit back and observe customers coming at your doorstep. And besides, even if people lose them, this will mean more revenue to your business.

Key chains

Key chains are the things your customers will use at least two to four times a day, and the number of people who will see your logo on them will proportionally increase every day once they get into contact with more people. Besides being small and portable, they can fit into almost any pocket or bag and you will be sure your customers will keep an eye on them because – who wants to lose their car or home keys? The only thing you need is appealing design in combination with vivid colours that will catch almost everyone’s eye.

Water bottles and travel mugs

Water bottles are at the top of the most useful promotional items. Not only do they provide you with a large area for printing your logo, but you will be sure they will reach wider audience when your happy customers take them to the gym where everyone can see them. Similarly, travel mugs are a great way of getting more exposure since people will take them to the car and from there to work, and right back to their home, so your company logo will be more visible to people.


Hand in hand with water bottles and travel mugs come one of the most inexpensive personalised items – their royal majesty – the coasters. If their design is appealing, the odds are that they will end up in another place, different from the one they originate from, which gives you more exposure and a chance to reach more potential customers. Just take a bunch of personalised coasters and take them to a few local pubs and observe the magic that happens.

USB memory sticks

USB memory sticks may look like a large investment now, but they will pay off on the long run. Their utility is numerous, and similarly to key chains, people will want not to lose them due to the amount of information they will carry around with them. Your customers will appreciate cool USB memory sticks due to their status and use, so you will have the chance to enlarge your income with this promotional merchandise.

Stress balls

Stress balls are an easy way to reach more companies – just take a bunch of stress balls to some gathering or business event, give them out and see how your customers call you whenever they feel thankful for you helping them stress out. This merchandise is also a small investment that will eventually pay off, so give it a try! And leave one stress ball for your office as well, since they are very useful for tension relief.

And finally, we are aware that this is just a small list of things that can be used as personalised merchandise. If you have tried some other strategy, some other item or have a fresh idea, do not hesitate and share it with us in the comments section below.

Mahesh Mehta is Chief Editor at 5 Random Things. He is known for his creative online marketing skills and specializes in handling web marketing efforts and boosting online conversion.