Top 6 Costly Home Selling Mistakes and How You Could Avoid Them

Years after bad housing news most of the American markets have begun to turn around. And with the trifecta of increasing prices, low interest rates for the buyers, the approaching summer sale season, selling is something that sounds pretty good now. But before you list out your property in the market it is very important that you do some homework. Given below are 6 most common home selling mistakes a buyer does helping you lose thousands, even ten thousand and even dollars.

Selling your property on your own: Trying to sell a property on your own is generally considered to be a madness. You would here need the expertise of a professional. And the numbers here don’t lie. You need to remember that homes without any representation, would remain in the market longer and would end up selling at a lower price than the ones with a pro at the helm.

Mispricing your property: Overpricing or under-pricing is generally considered to be a huge costly error. So it becomes very important that you understand the market around and become familiar with the comps that are currently for sale, in order to understand what price tag your property would actually need.

Neglecting the necessary needs and requirements: You would lose the money if you do not have the repairs done before listing your property. It would cost you less when you fix things on time, rather than the buyers who would see all the faults in your home. And if this is something that you are planning to avoid that the prospective buyers would offer less or ask for credit back for the work that has to be done before closing the deal.

Refusing to tide up before listing up: Clutter is something that eats equity and would kill deal. So try and create a sense of spaciousness by decluttering. Starting from the kitchen counterparts to the overstuffed closets to the trophy lined shelves in the den, it would cost you nothing to get rid from all that stuff. But it would reap rewards when it’s the time to sell.

Letting your ego come in the way: Most of the real estate developers take negotiation personally and generally lose out creating a win deal. Remember this is something like a business transaction something that is really big in your life. So try and take your ego out of equation putting your head back into it.

Listing out a vacant house: Viewing an empty house makes the buyer feel the same way say empty. Most real estate investors believe that a home needs to be dressed or staged, so do not worry you would not have to go out and by new furniture and accessories. Chances here would be that you already have a plenty to choose. So if your furniture is being used in the home or is taking a cross country trek it might be worth making a small investment in a local staging company.

These were just a few. So what are the mistakes you think a real estate seller needs to avoid while selling their property? What would you like to add to the list above do leave your comments below. We would be happy to add them to the list above.

Nikhil Rajput is a content writing intern at 5 Random Things. An engineer by credentials, analyst by profession, a writer by passion Hit him up on Twitter @imnikhilrajput for a quick chat on any of these topics.