Best used cars that you can opt within Rs 3 lakhs

Best Used Cars

Most people opting for used cars have a tight budget and they do not want to exceed it. Even though finance options are available to used car buyers, most people do not want to opt for them as it would entail higher interest rates.Used cars buyers usually opt to pay for the car from their own savings. Usually second hand cars are priced between Rs 3 and Rs 4 lakhs although for premium cars, the price can go up to Rs 10 to Rs 15 lakhs even. However, the average used car buyer has a budget of Rs 3 to Rs 3.5 lakhs or so.

By simply buying a used car, a buyer’s job is not done. Buyer would have to spend some money getting the air filters, Mobil oil and anti-freeze changed of the car. In some cases, the tyres and clutch plate also require replacement. Keeping these added expenses in mind, most buyers set aside an amount of Rs 3 lakhs or so for their used car. There are quite a few models available for used cars in Kerala. These are well within Rs 3 lakhs and you would hardly have to get any repair works done on them. They can be driven without any further modification. Some of the top cars available at your disposal have been discussed below:

Hyundai Eon
The Hyundai Eon was made by South Korean car maker Samsung exclusively for the Indian market. Launched around 2 years ago, the car is making a lot of splashes especially because of the features offered and the price factor. The 814cc engine is plugged to a 5 speed manual transmission gear and the fuel efficiency offered by the car is around 21.1kmpl. The car has got seats upholstered using fabric and a remotely operated central locking system. The top trims also offer air conditioning. The car is available in many lucrative colours such as mushroom and Maharaja Red. To buy the Sportz edition of the car, you would have to spend around Rs 4 lakhs including registration. However, in the used car market, you can get it for under Rs 3 lakhs. The quality of cars available is very high because it is a relatively newly launched model and hence not suffered much wear and tear.

Maruti Alto 800
The Alto 800 is one of the most popular hatchbacks in the country and it rose to its popular status only within 2 years of being launched. The car has a 796 cc engine and can sit 5 passengers. The gear is a manual transmission one and the mileage offered is quite high at 22.76kmpl. The car is available in a lot of pop colours that you can pick from.

To buy the best quality Maruti Alto 800 hatchback, you would have to spend around Rs 4 lakhs including registration. However, you can get an almost new Maruti Alto 800 for less than Rs 3 lakhs. You can opt to buy the Alto 800 because you will get models which are less than 2 years old and have not been driven more than 20,000 kms. A lot of the models would still be in their warranty period and hence you can get them repaired at a subsidized cost or for free depending on the problem caused.

Maruti Wagon R
It is one of the best for the comfort offered by it along with the drive quality. The tall boy design has gone down well with people and more numbers of buyers are opting for this car for its optimum use of space. This is also another reason why you should buy the car because you will get a good resale value when you opt to sell the car.

The 998cc car has already sold 5 million units in its 10 year long run. It is currently available in petrol, LPG and CNG variety although a new diesel variety would be launched too later this year. You can find high quality Wagon R cars for less than Rs 3 lakhs. These cars are usually less than 5 years old and they have covered less than 30,000kms. Opt for a white or silver colour Wagon R because these are much in demand among buyers.

Hyundai Santro
The Hyundai Santro is a nice hatchback which has been doing very well in the used car market. Ideal for 5 people to sit, the car is best preferred for city driving. It has a 5 speed manual gear transmission hooked to a 1086cc engine which produces an 18kmpl mileage almost. The height of the car is optimal for both front and back seat passengers. The car comes with power steering which makes it easy to be maneuvered on rough roads and sharp bends. The car produces a maximum power of 62bhp at 5500rpm and 96Nm of torque at 3000Nm.

To buy a first-hand Santro Xing, you would have to spend around Rs 4 lakhs or so ex-showroom. However, in the used car market, you can spend around Rs 2.5 lakhs to Rs 2.8 lakhs to get a good quality Santro Xing.

Hyundai i10
The i10 is another popular hatchback from the house of Hyundai. Fitted with the 1.2L Kappa engine, it is quite powerful and great to be driven around in cities. The car also has a 5 speed manual gear hooked up to the engine and it can seat 5 people at a time. The cost of a brand new Hyundai i10 is around Rs 4 lakhs but you can get an i10 which is 2-3years old for Rs 3 lakhs or so. There is much demand for the i10 in the used car market, and hence you can realize a good resale value as well.

To buy used cars in Kerala, you can go online and enter the name of your city. Select the type of car that you would want to buy along with the fuel variant and the colour and you would be shown the best cars for you.

Ramesh Krishnan is a life-long automotive enthusiast, Software Engineer and Writer from Bangalore. He has been writing and reporting at Cars India since 2012. When not working or spending time with the family - you can find him tinkering with Used Cars in his garage or scouring the internet and other media for various automotive, mechanical, and computer related information.

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