How To Get Lucrative Jobs In Hyderabad

Hyderabad is one of the upcoming cities of India and many people come down to the city for work. Not only does the city have good employment opportunities to offer to people but also great institutes to study in. In terms of education, Hyderabad is quite advanced compared to other institutes. Central institutes such as the University of Hyderabad and English and Foreign Languages University are based in the city which attracts thousands of students from across India and other parts of the world. Moreover, the city abounds in coaching centers for IIT entrance exams and hence offers lucrative job options and payments to those looking to work as teachers.

The IT sector in Hyderabad is also sizeable with companies such as Samsung, Genpact and TCS having their offices in the city. The city along with Pune and Bangalore form the silicon valley of India. With the division of Andhra Pradesh, Hyderabad has been slotted in Telengana and the government of Telengana plans to develop Hyderabad along the patterns of Singapore. For now, the city serves as the joint capital of Seemandhra and Telengana and it will continue to do so for the coming 10 years.

Employment opportunities in Hyderabad are mostly concentrated in the IT and educational sphere. You can also find employment in a number of public sector enterprises that are based here. In order to find employment in good companies of Hyderabad, you need to be well skilled in current technologies. Most companies in Hyderabad want IT technicians with BE/BTech or MCA degrees who have worked with various kinds of software. PLM Teamcenter, Adobe and SAP consultants are some of the most popular jobs on offer in Hyderabad. There are some of the popular financial companies demand business analysts with the knowledge of SAS and R software for analysis.

Lifestyle in Hyderabad is quite pleasant and opportunities of job growth are quite high. Changing jobs frequently is possible in Hyderabad as many companies are based here. After the construction of the Hyderabad airport, more numbers of companies are setting up shop here. Even if you are a fresher, you can come down to the city in search of jobs. Most Hyderabad companies hold walk in interviews that freshers and experienced people can participate in. There are quite a few job bulletins which list the jobs in Hyderabad that are available.

If you are looking for jobs in Hyderabad, it would be best if you brushed up your computer skills because most of the professionals are hired for software companies. You can undertake additional courses too such as those for Six Sigma Greenbelt, SAS and even SAP which would fetch you lucrative jobs as consultants and experts. Start logging into job sites to find the best jobs available in Hyderabad for your caliber. You can select the locality, the company or the position for which you want to apply for the job. Start sending out your resume or CV to the companies and wait for them to give you a call. You can also send in your application and enquire whether there are any positions available in the company that suits your work experience or field of education. For example, if you are trained in English and publishing, you can send in your resume to a publishing company based in Hyderabad, along with your writing samples. You will receive a call from them for an interview. If you are based in the city, you can directly be called in for the interview or it may be conducted over the telephone or Skype.

Hyderabad is also the hub of many e-commerce websites and you can try your luck in finding jobs there. An e-commerce set up requires professionals well versed with MySQL, coding and other forms of programming. They also have to have an in-bound BPO which aims to assist with their shopping experience in the company. The scope of learning in such a firm is quite large and you can try your luck at joining this kind of a company for employment. You can send in your CV to the HR professional when you see a job announcement being made by the company.

To find the best jobs in Hyderabad, it would be best if you are a part of a job site or employment network. Job searches and employee referrals are usually made through these channels and hence you would get to know of the best possible employment opportunities available. You can also put up a description that says that you too are looking for employment opportunities in so and so field and hence must be contacted in case there is an opening. Network more with HR professionals and talent acquisition managers of various companies so that you get to know of the best opportunities available for you. By networking well, you will get first hand information regarding job openings in the companies. You can also inform your friends that you are looking for a job in Hyderabad and hence they should be on the look out for opportunities suitable for you. Employee referrals are one of the best ways to get employed as hiring managers trust employee referrals over interviewing fresh candidates.

Once you get a call for interview in a Hyderabad based company, you should start preparing yourself about what could possibly be asked in interviews. There are many discussions available on the internet about the common questions asked in interviews. Usually interviews are held in two parts- a technical and a HR round. Usually the technical rounds are held first and if you clear them, you progress to the HR round where you are asked whether you are willing to relocate for the job and other similar questions. You can get examples of both technical and HR interviews online. Big enterprises often upload videos of their hiring processes on YouTube and you can refer to them for your preparation. Many people have successfully found employment opportunities online for companies based in Hyderabad and you can do them too if you use your job network well enough.

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