How do you sell your iPhone in India?

iPhones are one of the most popular phones in the country and there are many takers for them here. Apple is considered to be a premium brand and the iPhone a high quality phone which is why it has a number of takers from the upper middle class and affluent class buyers. Not only do the phones look smart and pristine but also very handy to use. iPhones have their own software- the iOS built in which has its own apps store and other features. The camera quality on the phone is one of the best and this can be said true for both the secondary and the primary camera.

The price of basic models of iPhones starts from Rs 30,000 or so and they can go up to Rs 55,000 even. The desire to use an iPhone may be there in most people but affordability is not. There, if you are looking to sell mobile, then you can find a number of takers for the product. You can fetch Rs 20,000 to Rs 30,000 by selling you iPhone. With the money you get, you can buy other good quality cell phones of the Android or Windows variety or add a little more money to buy a better iPhone.

Before you sell your iPhone in India, you need to take care of the following aspects:

1. Get rid of the contract if you are using contract phone
A lot of mobile service carriers offer iPhones on contract service. Usually the iPhone and a cell phone usage plan are offered to buyers and buyers usually opt for these plans because they have to pay smaller amounts every month as payment for their iPhone and cell phone usage. However, these plans usually translate to higher payment for the iPhone and also the cell phone plan in turn. If you have bought your iPhone on contract with a carrier, then you should complete the payment due for the iPhone and then opt to sell it. Most sellers would not want to buy an iPhone with the cell phone service tethered to a particular carrier and hence you may have difficulty in getting a good price for the phone. Moreover, even if a buyer purchases your phone with the contract, s/he may bargain with you for the amount payable. Therefore, it is best you release your phone from the contract and then sell it.

2. Sign out of the Apple ID
Usage of Apple products require signing up with an Apple ID. Creation of the Apple ID can be done through the device. Usually the Apple ID is tethered to your debit card, in case you decide to purchase a few apps from the App Store of iOS. When you sell the phone, make sure you log out of your Apple ID. If you are logged in, the ID may be misused by the buyer and you may be billed for apps that you have not used ever. Moreover, the new buyer would have some trouble getting an Apple ID made if you are logged in. Therefore, you should sign out from the account.

3. Clear the memory of the phone
Erase the phone’s memory of your contacts, photos, videos and important documents. Transferring documents between Apple and Non Apple devices may be difficult and hence you should use Apples iCloud storage facility or upload your documents on Google Drive. Keep your phone’s memory cleared to keep your personal stuff secured from the rest of the world.

4. Keep the papers of the phone handy
Most buyers want to verify whether the papers of the phone are in order. When the new buyer wants to sell the phone, he would need the papers for proper verification. Moreover, if the phone is in its warranty period, then getting it repaired would be difficult without the papers. Therefore, you should keep the phone’s papers handy in case the buyer wants to see them.

5. Give minor facelifts to the phone
The more your phone resembles a shiny new iPhone, the better chances are there for you to sell them. Therefore, if you have put on stickers and other decorative items on it, you should remove them immediately and wipe the spots clear with nail polish remover or ether as it would remove the stains left by the glue on the sticker. In fact, if you wipe the whole phone with ether then it would clean the phone and make it appear as good as new. You can also change the screen guard of the phone as it would make the display unit appear bright and new. Screen guards are available in local apple stores at nominal prices. You can also opt to buy them online.

There are many ways in which you can sell mobile. However, the best way is by putting up an advertisement online. You can post an ad about your mobile phone on a website hosting classifieds for free. Click a photo of your phone and upload the details about it with the photo. Don’t forget to include the colour of the phone, the internal memory available (especially because iPhones do not allow usage of external memory cards), year of purchase and asking price for the phone.

A lot of people have sold their mobile phones online and you can try it too. It is a very simple process and you can try it from your tablet or smart phone too. Putting up advertisements online not only brings in more money but also saves your advertisement cost. Dealers usually do not want to offer a lot of money for old phones and you may be on the losing end of such a deal. However, when you sell the phone by yourself, you are in the position to steer the bargain in your favourite. Log in today to sell your iPhone for a good amount.

Mahesh Mehta is Chief Editor at 5 Random Things. He is known for his creative online marketing skills and specializes in handling web marketing efforts and boosting online conversion.