Depression in Expectant Mothers

Depression is a very common disorder found among most of the expectant mothers across the world. This could be because of various hormonal changes in the body while the lady is expecting. Hence it is important to understand various depression treatment guidelines in order to help the person recover from this mental disorder.

It is good to know the symptoms of depression so that you may help the people who suffer from depression. Even though the depression medications during pregnancy could be short term it has to be taken seriously and treated in the right manner otherwise it could affect the baby during the pregnancy period.

When a person experiences unusual mood swings, feeling of sadness and the person gets a feeling of inferiority complex and these symptoms would persist for a longer period of time then it is a matter of concern. The mental illness should be diagnosed in time in order to treat them in time. This is the starting stage of the depression setting in hence it is important to contact the concerned doctors and get proper treatment.

1.Medication – The medication is the most common type of treatment which is used for curing the depression. There are various specific medicines which are prescribed by the psychiatrist to treat the depression. The medication would differ from person to person depending on the volume of depression in the person. Even though medication is most preferred depression treatment; it also has many side effects on the health of the person.

The side effects would differ from person to person. Another drawback of the depression or digestion medicine during pregnancy  treatment is that the cost of medicines is high which may not be affordable by all.

2.Psychotherapy another form of Depression medicine during pregnancy. Since this is a psychiatric treatment it does not have any kind of side effect on the person. This is also known as the talking therapy. The experts believe that if the person is able to speak up his heart then they can be easily treated out of the depression. The specialist doctors try and talk to the patients to understand the situation of the patients. When they talk to the patient they make sure that their family members and their best friends are with the patient. This provides more confidence to the patient and they can come out of depression faster. This treatment is rated among the best treatments. The cost of the psychotherapy may differ from person to person. This can be considered the best for the expectant mothers as it does not have any physical side effects to the child and mother

3. Role of family members and spouse – when the expectant mother is passing through such a phase the family members and especially the spouse should support them and understand their needs and act accordingly. The behavior towards the pregnant lady should be very mild and soft; so that the level of depression does not increase. They should feel that they are taken care of – and the family members will support them at any given point of time.


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