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If you have plans to sell your home anytime soon, there are some simple home improvement ideas that can help increase the value of your property. Updating a drab bathroom with new fixtures or painting the walls in neutral colours can go a long way to wowing a potential buyer. There is something else however that can help foster increased value more than other things. Installing a professional home security system is a great incentive to help lure buyers and raised your selling potential.

Did you know that nearly 70% of all burglaries are residential break-ins? It is estimated that only around 15% of all homes in the U.S. have professional security systems installed which will connect them with officers trained to handle issues. It takes less than one full minute for a burglar to access entry to a home and according to police officials, burglaries can be deterred when robbers know a security system is active in a home.

Let’s look at ten facts about home burglaries that may shock you.

  1. 5 million home invasions are reported annually.
  2. 1 out of 3 assaults in a home is due to burglary.
  3. Police usually only solve 13% or fewer burglaries due to lack of evidence or witnesses.
  4. Burglars use force to break into homes in at least 95% of all burglaries.
  5. 85% of all burglaries are committed by those who are desperate, thus making them more dangerous.
  6. Fewer than 17% of all U.S. homes have active security monitoring.
  7. Burglaries usually occur during office hours when people are at work or school.
  8. Summer is the hottest time for home invasions.
  9. Homeowners who fail to secure their home make burglaries easier.
  10. Identity theft, the fastest growing crime in the United States, can be a result of a burglary.


A family searching for a new home will, of course, check the size of a home and see what it looks like to make sure it suits their personal taste. They also want to make sure certain amenities such as more than one bathroom, a large backyard, updated appliances and other criteria are included in the home they buy. Another key selling point for someone looking for a home to buy is the overall safety of the home and the neighbourhood the home is in.

Nobody wants to live in a home where they will not feel safe. Installing a security system lets your buyers know the house is safe, and it will help alleviate fears and show them their family, as well as their personal belongings, will be safe when they move in. If you already have a system installed, it will be one less thing that the buyer will need to include in their budget once the home is theirs.

Homeowners Insurance

A security system will often not only add value to your home, but it can also help you get discounts on your homeowner’s insurance. Depending on your insurance company as well as the type of security system you have, you may see discounts of 10% or even 20% or more on your overall insurance payment. Be sure to contact your insurance agent to inquire about home security discounts for your policy.

Internal Home Problems

When you think of a home security system, chances are you might only think about preventing your home from being burglarized. Many home security systems today take security a step (or several steps) further than simply helping to deter would-be thieves. Home security systems today are often designed to detect problems within the home itself.

This means that a system you have installed could potentially scan the home for signs of a home fire, gas leak, radon, carbon monoxide or other hazards. There are fumes that can be not only dangerous but deadly. Home security systems today can put your mind at ease when you realize just how safe they can make a home and how they can help prevent dangerous situations for you and your family.

Increasing Home Value

A home security system cannot change the neighbourhood surrounding a home, but having one installed can change the home value and will help it stand out from other homes on the market. While a nice paint job or updated fixtures can help entice a potential buyer, a home security system will let the buyer see how safe the home will be for their family and can help you sell the home easier than you might if you didn’t have a security system in place.

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