Finding a good house to invest in Trivandrum

Trivandrum has recently witnessed a realty boom of sorts. The real estate market has gone through several upheavals in recent times. People are finding it reasonable to invest in a house for sale in Trivandrum especially with the recent spate of developments. There are several options for you to consider and you can actually get a house in a good location at a very decent price. This is one factor that is fuelling higher growth in Trivandrum’s real estate market.

Trivandrum has witnessed growth in prices of real estate owing to the high demand for properties. Demand has increased in recent times owing to the lower volumes of land available here and unabated demand for residential properties. Kochi has always been regarded as a hub for real estate in Kerala and has seen substantial business growth over the last few years. However, even Kochi has seen a steady saturation in the market owing to overall stagnation of prices and other factors. Trivandrum’s real estate markets are growing at a rate of 15% annually according to market experts and real estate consultancies.

In the view of market experts, Trivandrum is now home to a steadily flourishing realty business. The entire sector has grown considerably to the rate of even 50% or 60% in the last five years. This growth has largely been sparked by demand based purchases and not market speculation. As a result, growth volumes have been heartening for developers in Trivandrum. NRI buyers made up the actual high chunk of the market in the recent past but domestic buyers are now increasingly making their presence felt here. This was unheard of earlier and is good news for realtors in the market.

The real estate market is now witnessing immense demand especially as the city has a considerably lower overall area, with all development taking place within a radius of 5 square kilometers. High rise apartments have recently been sprouting in the city and high end properties have also made their way into the market and these are priced at rates going above even INR 1 crore. These apartments and houses also come with preinstalled fittings and amenities which come from top brands. Finding a good house for sale in Trivandrum is definitely a good idea in the present scenario as prices of real estate are slated to rise even further in the next ten years.

This is the best time to invest in Trivandrum particularly owing to the proliferation of infrastructural projects including the monorail, Vizhinjam port, Biotechnology Park and the Technocity among others. These projects will also spawn the creation of multiple employment opportunities and real estate growth in the city. Residential real estate rental prices have gone up to around INR 25, 000 in the prime city areas even in recent times! Trivandrum has successfully come out of the depressing situation that most real estate markets in India found themselves in a little earlier.

Unsold inventory was piling up with developers in both Kochi and Trivandrum and demand suddenly cooled down to unimaginable levels, putting developers and real estate companies in a fix. Serious real estate investments are now deemed worthy in Trivandrum. Being the capital, this offers a good proposition for serious investors. Real estate, being a volatile market, was earlier a little slow to take off in Trivandrum. However, the entire situation has drastically changed in recent times. The boom is making its presence felt in multiple areas across Trivandrum and Kochi. Multiple investors are now looking at Trivandrum as a serious investment destination and this augurs well for the growth of the sector in recent times.

If you are a newbie when it comes to real estate investments, you should start off on a small scale basis. There are plenty of options with regard to finding a reasonably priced house for sale in Trivandrum. The market is no longer dominated by the seller and as a result, you can land a fabulous deal here in present times. However, bear in mind that real estate makes for a long term investment proposition and you will definitely have to be really patient about the returns in this case. However, going by Trivandrum’s recent development, you can expect fabulous returns in the near future.

Your investment in Trivandrum can hardly go wrong going by the present scenario. Being the capital, there are multiple agencies and govenment bodies ensuring seamless registration of properties and verification of land ownership documents. The presence of effective boards for fire control and pollution ensure that realtors obtain speedy permissions and NOC’s without any hassles. In addition, you can get land titles executed really easily in addition to obtaining permits for water and electricity supply without any hassles.

However, all successful investment decisions depend on proper market understanding and knowledge and you will have to do your homework on Trivandrum as well. Short term gains should never be your investment goal. Rather, look for tangible, long term returns and Trivandrum definitely makes for a low risk, effective option in this regard. Trivandrum offers a lot for people willing to make constructive investments in real estate and you should cash in on the present market situation to land yourself a decent property without any hassles.

Online classifieds portals are the best way to find decent properties in Trivandrum at really affordable prices. Trivandrum is a real estate investor’s paradise of late and you will find multiple options at every possible price range imaginable. These portals will give you access to multiple posted advertisements detailing prices and project details. You have to browse through advertisements and check for pertinent details including features, location, prices and other aspects. In addition, you can contact sellers directly or reply to their posted advertisements with your own details. Additionally, you can also post your own paid or free advertisement stating your specific needs and requirements.

These portals give you fabulous opportunities to find great deals on your dream houses in Trivandrum, Kerala.

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