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Real estate is the biggest thing on every urban resident’s mind right now! Why is this so? This is mainly attributed to the changing trends in the sector. Housing being a basic necessity, the sector has always got the importance it deserves. We are all obsessed with purchasing property for ourselves and our families and hence, all aspects connected to real estate influence us greatly, be it recession, rise in interest rates, price corrections, price increases, land and location availability, projects being developed and so on. However, buying a property can be a veritable nightmare at times!

This is because of the shoddy infrastructure and facilities available for people looking to purchase property of their own. The real estate and developer network mainly relies on brokers and agents in this regard. There are thousands of brokers available in every city quite literally! These brokers control the entire real estate market to a large extent. Their influence can be felt in virtually every upcoming area. As a result, most aspiring buyers have to resort to taking their assistance for purchasing properties. This can be disastrous in more ways than one. Some examples would suffice to show you the dangers of relying heavily on your real estate agent.

A few buyers in Mumbai were duped with the promise of a relatively better priced sea facing flat by their broker. The buyers never haggled about the prices owing to the fact that the property was priced quite affordable and was located in a good area, as claimed by the broker. Yet, once they finally visited the same, well after paying the advance, they found out that the sea was only partially visible and that too from a sole window. Additionally, the location turned out to be problematic for the family owing to lack of proper social infrastructure, amenities, transport networks and other facilities. The broker had falsely guaranteed rip roaring development in the area but nothing happened.

At this stage, these buyers had nothing more to do and the broker got away with a handsome reward as his commission. These incidents are reflective of the dangers posed to property purchases if you take the broker/agent route. This should be avoided by all means. There are other simpler ways to find your dream row house in Panvel or virtually any other property of your choice. How is this really possible?

You have to consult online classifieds portals in this regard. These portals are a veritable storehouse of information and will give you an idea of everything that is available in your desired city, neighborhood, location and area. You will find posted advertisements for all real estate projects and even rentals in your city. This service is offered for almost all cities of India and you can find upcoming, finished and resale projects aplenty in your preferred locations. The difference here is that these advertisements are posted by real estate companies and developers directly and these portals help you connect with them in a hassle free manner.

With the help of these portals, reaching out to developers is quite an easy task and does not require a lot of time, money or effort. All you need to do is choose your city, your desired locations, budget range and other aspects first. This will give you a list of posted advertisements that correspond to your requirements. You can then ferret out the ones that you like best. Once this is done, you have to contact developers or sellers directly using the contact information provided in the advertisements. If this is not available at all, you can simply reply to the advertisement on the online classifieds portals itself. This will get you in direct touch with the developer minus any common hassles. While replying through the portal, do not forget to mention your own contact details and requirements. This will make it easier for a realtor to contact you the next time round.

While thinking of purchasing your row house in panvel or an apartment in any other location in India, you can also post an advertisement to spread the word even faster. This system has worked for innumerable individuals and is guaranteed to give you fabulous results. You can post an advertisement on online classifieds portals without paying a single penny from your pocket. This will get you a multitude of responses in very little time. If you are the impatient kind and desire swifter responses, you should opt for the premium advertisement service.

How does this work? This will require you to pay only a nominal sum of money and will ensure that you get results for your advertisement in doubly quicker time. This is often a good option if you are in a tearing hurry to get things sealed and done! As a result, online classifieds portals function as complete solutions for anything related to real estate. You can buy, sell and rent properties with ease courtesy these portals. All it takes is an internet connection and some time on your part.

You can steer clear of brokers, agents and anybody who promises to do the job for you against a commission or fee. Alongside, once you strike a deal with the seller or developer, you can try bargaining further for discounts. This may often get you prices that you thought were unbelievable! In addition, you should always visit the property before committing anything to the developer. Do not rely on pictures alone. Visit the area, spend some time with the developer and then conclude the negotiations.

If you do not have any idea about prices and market rates, take along an expert of knowledgeable friend when you visit the property and meet the developer for the very first time. Use classifieds portals and snap up a row house in Panvel or a bungalow in Mumbai with equal elan! Patience, perseverance and a little quick thinking is what you simply require to land a great deal with some help from online classifieds sites of course!

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