How Well Do Part Time Jobs Pay?

Advertisements for part time jobs are rife in the job market. Not only are students, housewives, retired professionals and job seekers taking them up to earn a neat personal income, but also those employed in various positions try them out for extra earning. These positions do not require specialized skills as anyone with basic knowledge of a computer and a high school degree can pursue them.

Being a leading job market, Chennai too has several opportunities available for those looking for part time employment. These jobs are offered by firms who do not want to employ full time employees for these positions and instead want to give skilled professionals the opportunity of working from the comfort of their home. Depending on what your skills are, you can choose from the numerous opportunities available. The most commonly found part time jobs in Chennai have been discussed below along with the compensations available from them.

  1. Data Entry Jobs

Data entry is one of the most commonly offered part time jobs in Chennai. Most firms in Chennai outsource the job of maintaining databases through addition of new contacts and details. A data entry professional is usually provided information that they have to enter in the sheet. The compensation may be based on the number of entries made in a day or a stock compensation may be paid to you at the end of the month. Usually data entry professionals make Rs 10,000 to 12,000 in a month, if they work for three to four hours in a day. Several companies also bear the expense of dongles and internet bills which makes it cheaper on your pocket to continue working

2. Typing Jobs

A lot of companies receive manuscripts for publishing that have to be typed out or have books which are withering hence need to be typed in order to be preserved. These firms often outsource typing jobs where they provide a hand written manuscript to an employee who then simply types out the pages provided. Usually the assignment given is for a hundred to two hundred pages which have to be turned in within a week or two. These jobs usually pay per page. If you are typing a total of two hundred pages and are paid twenty rupees per page, then you can earn Rs 4000 from a single assignment. Depending on your typing speed, you can increase your work load and earn higher amounts.

   3. Content Writing

Another popular listing among part time jobs in Chennai, content writing is a great opportunity for those looking to enter the field of copywriting or love writing in general. Depending on the requirements of the company, you will be assigned articles to be written every day. From product reviews to descriptions and generic articles to be published as blogs or landing page content, you can gain exposure to myriad topics to write about. Unlike typing, content writing pays on per word basis. The starting pay can be fifty rupees for five hundred words which can increase to even rupees five hundred for five hundred words! There are several websites available as well which outsource assignments such as term papers and theses even. If academic writing appeals to you, then you could try those assignments out. They pay on per page basis, double spaced; hence the compensation is much more. However, because they are academic papers, they have to be flawless and highly research oriented.

    4. Computer Operator

Not every office requires an on-call computer operator because of their limited infrastructure. If you have a knack for computers and have pursued a course in computer assembling and troubleshooting, you can try for these positions. Those studying computer applications or science can also apply for them. These jobs pay around Rs 8000 to 10,000 in a month. Your position requires you to assemble new machines, acquire and load software on them, troubleshoot in case of minor issues, create LAN for laptops and other computers in the organization, hook them up to printers etc. You can learn a lot on the job which can help you with interviews in your subsequent jobs and interviews for master’s courses.

    5. Call Centre Executive

Those looking to enter managerial positions would do well to take up these jobs. Usually part time call centre executives are hired for positions which require you to work for four hours or so in a day. As an executive, you need to attend to calls put in by potential and existing customers of a firm, answer their queries and inform them of new products that have been launched. You may have to make calls of your own accord to inform clients of new plans and persuade them to sign up for them. These kinds of part time jobs in Chennai are a good way to develop your training in sales and marketing. If you are interested in pursuing an MBA in the subject, then it will provide the perfect footing for the subject. As a part time call centre executive, you can earn around Rs 8000 per month.

   6. Private Tuitions

One of the most common jobs among college goers, private tuitions is rewarding not only in monetary terms but also when your students perform well in class. Depending on how you organize your tuitions, you can earn any amount almost. On an average, a tutor who teaches once a week at a student’s home earn around Rs 1000 per month. If you increase the number of days, you can earn more. You could also hold batches to teach which would comprise of a couple of students to avoid hopping from one home to the other. You can also join a coaching centre to impart lessons to students. However, most of these coaching centres prefer teachers with a good master’s degree. The pay can be around Rs 15,000 for three to four hours in a day.

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