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Whats all about Empty Leg Charter Fights?

As commercial air travel becomes more time consuming, and crowded, travellers are looking for alternative ways to fly. Most business travellers are resorting to empty -leg charter flights, also referred as a one-way jet charter.

The seats available under this option are highly subsidised, and travellers get a pocket-friendly travel solution while enjoying the luxury of a private jet. People who are yet to reap the benefits of this flight option can learn about it through this blog.

How does it work?

If you are flying only one-way as you are staying for an extended period, or have booked other means of transportation for return, empty leg flights are definitely something to consider. The price of the flight is absolutely negotiable, as they say, the ball is in traveller’s court.

Booking your flight on these empty legs means you are actually helping reduce the carrier’s cost, and the favour is returned in the form of discounted price as compared to the regular charter flight.

How to find the Best deal?

Some of the ways in which you can find best deals on empty leg charter flights include:

  1. If you are already working with a particular air charter operator, get familiar with their routes and available deals. It is likely that operator would have some seats available in empty legs jets that it would like to fill.
  2. Travellers can also get in touch with a local aviation broker who also deals in private Jet charter empty leg flights or a trusted local air charter operator to enquire about the availability of empty leg seats. Seeking professional assistance can help you get the best deal and advise you on the best packages available.
  3. In addition, most providers keep updating the information concerning the status of their flights including one-way flights on their respective website. Travellers can subscribe to their news feeds to keep themselves updated on the availability of empty leg charter flights for their specific route, or call the operator on customer care number for the same.


If you are travelling on a highly pressed schedule, empty leg charter flights are probably not for you. If not, it is possibly the best way to enjoy all the efficiency, luxury, and pleasure of a private flight, at a lower cost.  Having said that, always go for a reputable operator and understand the hidden cost, if any, before signing on the dotted lines.

Professional aviation brokers are well placed to help you book the genuine flights without you having to deal with the hassle of tracking the availability of seats and booking it yourself.

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