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If you are an Indian and you haven’t travelled to metros like Delhi and Mumbai, you don’t know about the kind of a fun one can pull out from life. Mumbai is not only a financial capital but also fun capital of India. Mumbaikars work ruthlessly throughout the week but when it comes to enjoying the weekend, they don’t forget to even out the week. That is possible because of the types of places that are available to spend the best time possible in the weekend with a robust intracity travel system in place. Mumbai local is a lifeline of Mumbai and with metros coming up, Mumbai is set to become travel-friendly.

Mumbai offers a weekend experience like no other. There are some of the best restaurants, hotels, coffee shops, discos, pubs, and places you can enjoy in Mumbai. People from all over the world visit Mumbai for its attractions and its culture. Even Indians from across the country have to visit Mumbai some or the other time for business or to meet their relative. Mumbai is solidly connected to other Indian cities through air, rail as well as the road. There is a strong rail network in Mumbai having hubs of both central and western railway. While Churchgate station is the western railway headquarter, the central railway is headquartered at CST in Mumbai.

Also, the road network is well developed in Mumbai, with a number of bridges in place.

Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport is India’s second-busiest airport based on passenger traffic.There are plenty of flights flying to and from almost 47 Indian cities daily. The number of flights from Chennai to Mumbai itself is around 60 in a single day. Due to this bevy of flights between major cities of India, the flights are available at competitive prices. IndiGo and Jet Airways provides a number of cheap Chennai to Mumbai flights. Also, there is Spicejet and Air India working on this route.

One reason for the good number of cheap Chennai to Mumbai flights is them being major cities of India. There is always some or the other kind of business that needs people to travel to and from Mumbai, it is financial capital. The oldest stock exchange in Asia, BSE is situated in Mumbai. Also travelling from Chennai to Mumbai by road or rail would take a lot of time, they being situated afar from each other. That is a reason why Chennai to Mumbai flights is possible on daily basis.

Thus, if one thinks of coming to Mumbai for either business or pleasure, he/she has to be ready for the kind of travelling he/she would encounter.

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