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Car Service

A car is slowly becoming one of the basic necessities for people living in cities as well as suburbs. With a car becoming such a prized possession of every homeowner, the need of car service has been realized by every car owner too.

Also, with increasing demand for regular car service, there are many fraudulent car service centers that have mechanics whose sole aim is to rip off money. You need to be wary of such mechanics or you may end up wasting a lot of money after car servicing with no benefits. There are several things to check before and after giving the car for servicing to confirm the service has been performed properly. The best way to get a quality service is to wait and oversee the service and repair work being done on your car. But, with such a hectic life schedule, very few people have that amount of time to spare just for a car service.


So, here is an alternative. For any mechanic who is trying to rip off money from his customers, there is always a pattern. There are a few common practices that every fraudulent mechanic will use to gain more profit. All you have to do is to look out for those signs or patterns and if you spot any of those, you can either inspect a little further or change your car service center.

  1. Your routine car checks generally result into something big: Your car is a machine and it has a tendency to wear and tear but it is not a fragile machine for sure. So, if you get a long list of impending repairs every time you take your car for just an oil change routine, it is time you decided to get a second opinion. You can ask the mechanic to explain the problems in detail so that you can stress on the specifics while getting a second opinion.
  2. You never receive an estimate and even if you do, the final cost does not tally with the estimated amount: While getting a car service, one thing you should note that the garage owners are highly experienced and generally can tell what is wrong with the car after primary inspections. You are always given a final estimate of the service after a primary inspection. So, the final bill should always be around the provided estimate. If there are surprises awaiting you every time you get the bill for your car service, there is definitely something fishy.
  3. They do not give due importance to the customers: Any garage you pick for getting your car serviced has to necessarily be clean. It is understandable that the garage interiors are a bit filthy with oil stains as the place has a lot of dirty vehicles being cleaned. But other than the garage interiors, rest of the places of the car service center like the customer billing counter, the offices, and the waiting areas need to be clean. If this is not the case, there is a huge doubt of how the mechanics would be doing their jobs on your car if they cannot maintain their own service station. Also, the mechanics need to be friendly and ready to listen to the customers. If this is not the case, there is no point of getting your car serviced there.

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These 3 points are clear sign that the service center you are taking your car to is not a suitable one. When you are paying for a car service, you need a mechanic who is genuine and is ready to give you a detailed report of anything in question. The best sign of a good car service center is that you clearly understand every detail that the mechanic has to explain.

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