Top Instagram Hacks You Need To Know About

Instagram Hacks – Sounds Interesting

You have just set up your Instagram account and are looking for ways to use the platform to reboot your marketing strategies. Well, you’re on the right track for Instagram is the platform to focus your marketing strategies on as it comes with a much higher engagement rate than any other social media platform including Facebook. You can always buy Instagram likes but you may not want to once you put these must know Instagram hacks to good use.

  • Activity: One of the neat things about Instagram is that it allows you to track the recent activity of your followers. You can click on the heart icon which should cause all the recent likes and comments on your images to pop up, now scroll down and click on followers and this should show all the recent activity such as comments they may have posted or posts that they liked. You can use this information and re-tweak your marketing strategy so that you are able to keep them interested in your brand.
  • Filters: The best part about posting images on Instagram is that you do not have to use off platform filters to tweak your pictures. You can do so right here at Instagram. While a picture is no guarantee of snagging followers, a lousy image is a guarantee that you would end up losing the ones you already have. So make full use of the various filters on Instagram; you can buy instant Instagram likes but you need to go all out to ensure that these translate to actual followers which are why you need to make optimal use of the filters on Instagram
  • Insert line breaks: One of the cons about Instagram is that the main screen does not feature a return or enter key. But here’s how you can make the return key reappear again, just tap the 123 key and the return or enter key should reappear which you can then use to insert the essential line breaks in your post or bio.
  • Hide the tagged photos: If you are active on Instagram, chances are that you have been tagged already in more than a few photos. When others tag you in a photo on Instagram, the same image ends up getting re-published on your profile. And since your account is a business account, you need to check and see if the image is appropriate and good enough to include it in your profile. If not, use the options tab to hide the images in question.

You can always get instant Instagram followers as long as you focus on engaging directly with your niche audience. Use these Instagram hacks to increase your reach and expand your customer base. And remember, that when it comes to Instagram, you can check and find out how your followers are reacting to your content by reviewing analytics; doing so should enable you to tweak your marketing strategy to good effect. You should be able to re-brand yourself by utilizing these Instagram tips and tricks, resulting in a larger customer base.

Nikhil Rajput is a content writing intern at 5 Random Things. An engineer by credentials, analyst by profession, a writer by passion Hit him up on Twitter @imnikhilrajput for a quick chat on any of these topics.