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“There’s nothing like staying at home, for real comfort.” – Jane Austen

Renovating your house might be daunting and overwhelming, but fret not because you don’t always have to undergo a major renovation to make it look like a 5-star sanctuary.

What’s important is to create a home that reflects you and all that thing you find comforting and inspiring. Here are 5 simple tricks to can enhance the house design that you can try.

1. A Right Colour Combination Of The Wall And Furniture

Source: pinterest.com
Source: pinterest.com

Let’s kick it off with colour! If you wish to make your living room or bedroom appear a little bigger, choose lighter colours like white, light grey, or beige. Don’t go with dark colours like black, purple, or navy blue.

Also, opt for a smaller set of furniture so it creates a higher ceiling. Avoid wall paint colours that are too contrasting with the furniture colour because it gives the impression of a congested room.

Keynote: Light-coloured walls create an illusion of a more spacious room and small-sized furniture gives an impression of a higher ceiling.

2. Invest In Quality Yet Cozy Furniture

The first investment piece for first-time homebuyers or younger people should always be the sofa,” said interior designer Rhobin DelaCruz.

Yes, we couldn’t agree more! Quality furniture makes a superb statement to anyone who walks into your home. However, in addition to quality, your furniture needs to be comfortable and personal as well.

Cozy furniture creates the homey feeling that everyone wants to come home to after an exhausting day of tireless activities.

Source: beststrongstaystrong.net
Source: beststrongstaystrong.net

3. Better Lighting Changes Everything

From pendants and chandeliers to wall sconces and ceiling lights, there are various types of lighting fixtures to choose from, depending on your style and mood.

If you want to increase productivity or create positive vibes, opt for brighter bulbs. If you want to relax or create a cozy ambience, you might want to choose bulbs with warmer hues.

Although it’s generally more costly, LED (Light-Emitting Diode) bulbs are more environmentally friendly, durable, efficient, and won’t burn your fingers when touched.

Source: homeridae.com
Source: homeridae.com

4. Plants Make It All Alive

Plants add a refreshing and calming texture to your house. There are various types of plants you can accessorize your house with – from a tiny cactus on top of your shelves to a huge pot plant to fill an empty space at the corner.

On top of that, having greens indoor equals better air quality as plants function as natural air purifiers.

Source: fendhome.com
Source: fendhome.com

Apart from the design aspect, it’s also important to know the type of plants that thrive well indoors and which ones don’t, or what’s manageable around the lifestyle of the homeowner. After all, once you adopt a plant, the responsibility of keeping it alive is yours.

5. Add Your Own Personal Touch

Tips are meant to guide you, not determine what you should do. It is more important than the decor in your home reflects your style and personality more than any existing design rules.

A cozy house is not about the high-end furniture portrayed in the catalogues, but about what makes people feel relaxed and happy at home – and there’s no better way to create this than to incorporate your own personal style!

Start by decorating the walls with your favourite photographs, or nice paintings that suit your style. You can also arrange a few patterned throw pillows to decorate the sofa or fill the shelves with your favourite books or childhood toys. Your home, your style!

Source: manohome.com
Source: manohome.com

Renovating your whole house might not be practical or affordable, but here are some tricks that can result in effective changes.

Quality always matters. It will cost more to have to redo or replace, so make sure you are working with the best people and highest quality products”, said interior designer Courtney Price.

If you need help from skilled contractor to simply repaint the walls, install new lights, or fix the roofs, Beres professionals are more than ready to assist. Or, do you feel inspired but are not quite sure of the design yet?

Have a chat with Beres interior designers and they will visualise and actualise for you. Submit a request through our Beres website or app so we can connect you to high-quality service providers.

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