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The New Year calls for a fresh start to set bigger goals, try out different things and allow room for changes. For some home junkies, welcoming another year is a great opportunity to renovate and redecorate at home. Before the year ends, people are already searching for top design ideas, best interior trends as well as new decor to add to their home.

Whether you’re a home junkie or just considering to give a new look to your home for 2017, make sure to do these things first.

1. Remove Clutter

The holiday season is expected to be busy at anyone’s home – in terms of preparation, receiving guests and throwing house parties or reunions. After the holidays, there may be a couple of things that you need to take care of such as leftovers, things that guests borrowed or used, decorations plus a bit of disarrangement in the dining or living room areas.

These things make the house really messy. Put things back in their proper places, throw away those which you don’t need any more and use containers to help remove clutter at home.

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2. Fix And Replace

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In the past year, there may have been leaks around the home, furniture pieces that got broken, or some appliances that’s on the brink of breaking. Temporary fixes might have worked but since you’re redecorating your home, consider it also a time to get professional repairs.

Or, replace such items if repairs are already out of the question. If you’re having doubts on whether to fix or replace it already, keep this in mind: if it’s cheaper to buy a new item than have it repaired, it’s better to replace it with a new one.

3. Pick A New Theme

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The best part in home renovation is choosing a new theme for your home. There’s the excitement of picking new colors and decor to have at home.

As Pantone announced that Greenery is 2017’s Color of the Year, more people are considering to incorporate this zesty yellow-green shade into their homes. Get inspirations from popular picks and top predictions on interior design trends. It only needs a bit of research on the web!

4. Plan Ahead

It’s easy to set and list down goals but materializing these can be quite a struggle for some. If home renovation is on your list, make sure you don’t lose your focus and get tired when things seem hard to do or when repairs are costly.

That’s why it is important to plan before doing anything. For starters, check if you have time and if your budget is enough for the home renovation you’re hoping to have.

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There’s no better way than to entrust home renovation to the professionals or a home renovation company who can handle your questions and needs.

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